Judicial Lies

Judicial Lies book cover

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Judicial Lies is a crime thriller about the lies and half-truths that defence lawyers tell to get their clients acquitted … and the detectives who bend the rules to ensure they don’t.


Rachel Thompson just stood there – paralysed with fear. She had just learnt that she was about to be murdered.

The 18-year-old could have been spared. But her mistake was to open her eyes – as she frantically gasped for breath – and glimpse the face of the sadistic monster who was raping her.

She was now a witness. And had to go.

He was forensically aware. And determined not to leave any trace.


The death of this clever and stunningly attractive undergraduate, who had recently arrived in York to study medicine, would have been put down to another tragic accident – had he not made one crucial error that led police to conclude a predatory psychopath was on the loose.

When Seamus Glover was arrested he soon became the prime suspect.


Defence Lawyer, James Pennington, reluctantly agrees to represent Glover – who reveals details that the police say only the perpetrator could possibly have known.

Being duty bound to do the best for his client, Pennington helps Glover to avoid telling the truth.


But when events spiral out of control, Pennington makes a truly shocking discovery. It thrusts him into a life-and-death struggle, where the consequences of failure are simply too dire to contemplate.

And as he comes to terms with the full implications of what he has unearthed his mind becomes tortured for having told Judicial Lies.

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