Judicial Lies – Main Characters

Main Characters

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The Lawyer
James Pennington – Blessed with a silver tongue, and seeks justice from an unjust legal system.

The Law
DI Eddie Sykes – Twists a few of the rules to ensure the guilty don’t go unpunished.

The Lag
Seamus Glover – Violent criminal. Admits to rape & murder fantasies. But is he guilty?

The Ladies
Wife Lorraine,
 stepdaughter Jennifer and PA Laura Harris – Give Pennington great pleasure, and pain.

James Pennington

At six feet tall James Pennington cut a remarkably dashing figure, with his athletic build and distinguished looks.

Pennington could woo jurors like no other advocate of his day. He was blessed with a silver tongue – that came stamped with the Britannia hallmark. Charming, but never patronising, women believed him because they wanted to believe in him. Male jurors were often surprised at how they had been convinced by his compelling arguments. Pennington had an indefinable presence, which meant that whenever he walked into a room he was always noted. But most of all he had the ability to address a courtroom and make everyone feel that they, alone, were his sole audience. He made them feel special.

However Pennington was not a barrister. He was one of a new breed of British lawyers or ‘Solicitor Advocates’ – hated and looked down upon by the elitist, class-ridden legal establishment – for being allowed to practise alongside Silks in the Crown Court and High Court.

On the Northeastern Circuit Pennington was generally regarded as a legal tour de force. The most eminent of Silks grudgingly respected him. Judges feared him. Ordinary court officials admired him because although he was aware of his fearsome reputation, Pennington wasn’t pompous with it.

Pennington’s consummate professionalism contrasted greatly with the difficulties in is private life. Being in love with his neurotic, anorexic wife had taken its toll over the years. Their marriage continually tittered on the brink of collapse, often only to be rescued by an intervention from his stepdaughter – the second most precious woman in his life.

In Judicial Lies Pennington’s private and professional lives become inextricably entwined in a manner that confronts him with massive legal, ethical and moral dilemmas.

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